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Jul 17, 2019

Ladino Festival in Tzfat upsets delicate status quo

the Haredi community of Tzfat is upset at the mayor (that they elected  - to remind you, if relevant, the Haredi community supported a secular mayor despite a Haredi mayor running in the recent electoral race).

the mayor has planned the first ever Ladino Festival in Tzfat. The festival will include a variety of performers performing throughout the city in a variety of performances, shows and workshops, including in the older part of the city that has a more Haredi population. The festival started yesterday and is running through Thursday.

According to Actualic, some rabbis in Tzfat have written the mayor a letter complaining about this breach of the status quo as such a festival has never before taken place and been held in the haredi neighborhood.

Interestingly, they see the status quo as such - they don't like the existing annual Klezmer Festival either, but don't complain about it because it has been going on for so long, but the status quo in existence is that no new festivals will be added. During the Klezmer Festival, many from the Haredi community plan to leave the city for those days. This is worse because the city is bringing singers, from around the world, some of whom are not Jewish and the Iryah brought them in to defile the city.

According to Kikar, tens of Haredim held a hafgana yesterday outside the mayor's home to protest the Ladino Festival. The mayor updated the Haredi city councilmen with information about events being planned specifically for the Haredi community over the summer vacation. I guess he knows he can buy quiet.

As always, status quo issues only ever work in one direction. And, I did not even see referenced any official status quo agreement. This one seems to be imaginary - just because the previous mayor did not organize any other festivals the community thinks now it is not allowed for anybody to do so.

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