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Jul 25, 2019

Quote of the Day

When Netanyahu first ran for Prime Minister, the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah decided to support him because his party is the closest to traditional Judaism. The Likud doesn't reprove anyone with a platform that is anti-religious. This is why we will support only Netanyahu

  -- Deputy Minister Meir Porush

what was was, but recently the Likud representatives have become the biggest supporters of public transportation on Shabbos. And according to a recent interview with Yaakov Litzman, there used to never be road works and rail works done on Shabbos, let alone public transportation, and all the work being done now on Shabbos is all very recent. So with the Likud leadership and government being behind the ever-increasing public chilul shabbos, you'd think UTJ would reconsider that position. In light of that, is the Likud still really the closest to tradition?  Maybe despite the chilul shabbos they still are because the others are much worse?

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  1. UTJ supports Netanyahu because he'll give them what they really want, which is money. The protestations against services and work done on Shabbos is for show. If it's effective, great; if not, at least they tried.

    1. Agree. For show for their constituents . .


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