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Jul 16, 2019

by women, for women, but women can't look at women

this is interesting...

A Dati Leumi conference, organized by the Binyan Shalem organization, for women only did not allow any images of women at the conference. At the conference for women. These women stood there looking at each other and sitting next to each other and watching women speak, but anything printed could not have a woman's face on it.

The conference included lectures, shiurim and booths. The booths, selling clothes and other stuff, could not be adorned or decorated with images of women.
source: Srugim

This craziness has crazily spread to even more crazy applications. At a conference for women, only they could not see images of women in print!!

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  1. This is what happens when you have clinically-insane morons running your "religion".

  2. That's why there is so much extremism, in general. When people go to extremes on one side, the pendulum always swings back to the extreme opposite side. That's why there is no middle ground today. Extreme fanaticism on the one hand and extreme assimilation and G-Dlessness on the other hand is what's happening now in this insane era. Normal means 'middle of the road'.


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