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Jul 25, 2019

Picture of the Day

A mule walks into a bar.... actually an airport.

A mule wandered into Ben Gurion Airport yesterday right past the bewildered security guards... maybe he had a flight to catch/ Or maybe he was the ride for some incoming tourist...

here's a clip of the incident (the ynet clip has the animal described as a horse rather than a mule, while a different video I saw, not shareable, has it entitled a mule)... let's just hope they are not so lackadaisical about letting terrorists in as they are with letting in mules...

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  1. I'm sure it was a drug mule. On the way to Japan, perhaps?

  2. In everything is a message. Moshiach and his donkey will also just wander in out of nowhere, unexpectedly...or in my case...expectedly.

  3. If a mule has a load harnessed to its body, do the airlines charge it for bags?


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