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Jul 21, 2019

Quote of the Day

Lies have been published saying that I was a big part of the idea for the isolated Haredi hassidic sects to come to our city. I want to clarify in a very clear manner, I was not in any way part of this. Just the opposite - I am the one fighting to prevent them from coming here.... I am trying to advance alternate housing solutions for the isolated Haredi hassidic sects in other cities, and to that end I have recruited government offices that are willing to help.

  -- Mayor of Harish Yitzchak Keshet

Keshet is referring to the debate over to let groups such as Toldos Aharon move into Harish. Keshet is against it, as he has said before, saying that while general Haredim are fine (and Keshet himself is a haredi-ish baal teshuva), bringing in a group from sects like Toldos Aharon is just asking for trouble. The solution generally seems to be let them be someone else's problem. Instead of solving the problem somehow, building them their own community or integrating them successfully in some way, just send them to someone else's town and let them cause trouble there instead of in my backyard... I get why. Being from Bet Shemesh, I totally get it. Just sad that they could make themselves so hated and that nobody in any position of influence is really working on solving the issue rather than just kicking it a little more down the road.

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