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Jul 22, 2019

Quote of the Day

When Lieberman will fulfill his promises regarding assassinating Haniyeh within 48 hours [of taking control of the Ministry of Defense], then I will start to take seriously his promises against the Haredim

  -- Deputy health Minister Yaakov Litzman

Haha! This is great!

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  1. Bibi's plan to obliterate Yisrael Betaynu is going to fail. Does that mean Litzman is now willing to sit in a Government with Lieberman, if it is the only way he is going to keep his job?

  2. Litzman has specifically said he has no problem sitting with Lieberman, as Lieberman is not like Lapid. Lapid, he said, actively did everything possible by passing laws in every area of government to hurt haredim, while Lieberman has only been talking against haredim now but has never done anything against the haredim actively


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