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Jul 25, 2019

Tweet of the Day

Joshua Wander is tweeting to Miri Regev, the Minister of Sport...
Why are you shocked that they prohibit us from waving the Israeli flag in places around the world... even in our own holy place, the holiest place in the world, on Temple Mount, it is illegal to raise the Israeli flag...

Wander is commenting on Regev's reaction to France banning the waving of the Israeli flag at a soccer mach tonight between Israel and France. the police there banned it to avoid any violent confrontation between Israel supporters and French - or anti-Israel supporters. Regev is trying to get the ban overturned calling it unconscionable that it would be banned and fans should be able to support their team and the job of the police is to protect them and deal with the security issues.

While I do not see a big need for raising the flag on temple Mount, except as a statement of authority, as Temple Mount is a holy place, not a stadium or museum. It does not bother me that there is no flag there, it does bother me that Israelis cannot wave the flag there if they want to.

I would extend the argument though to prayer on temple Mount. the police ban prayer because of what they call a public risk as it would upset the Arabs and violence would break out. As per Regev's argument for a soccer game in France, let the people pray in their holy site and let the police deal with any security issues that might arise and do what is necessary to prevent them.

When Israel gives the freedom to wave the flag, and pray, in its own country, then we can demand the same allowance of others.

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