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Jul 30, 2019

Guy in RBS C digs in his yard and ends up with extremists protesting in his house

This afternoon a group of people, kannoim - extremists - went to RBS C2 (gimmel 2) to hold a protest on the property of someone who was digging out in his yard for the purpose of adding ona room to his home.

The reason for the protest, as reported by Kikar, is that they claim there is a very high probability of burial caves being present beneath the property, making expansion impossible without desecrating the graves. They also claim the kablan built around that problematic section and marked it off in the zoning as not being usable due to high probability of graves.

They went on to his property to protest, police were called in and put a stop on the entire thing.

Yes or no, I have no idea. Are there graves or not? No idea. Should he be able to dig and build (and presumably stop if he finds graves), I have no idea, nor do I care. I just want to know how the heck these kannoim found out about it! Every time someone takes a shovel to some dirt something beeps in the main office of the kannoim? I would guess a neighbor upset with the expansion plans, probably unauthorized and without taking the neighboring apartments into any consideration, reported it, but generally they report things like this to the Iryah, not to the thugs.

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