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May 27, 2021

Litzman being indicted for obstruction of justice and breach of trust

The Attorney General this evening announced and told Minister Yaakov Litzman that he is going to be indicted (dependent on a  disciplinary hearing) for breach of trust and obstruction of justice. The bribery charges have been dropped. One of the cases for which Litzman is going to be tried is his involvement in the Malka Leifer case in which he allegedly pressured doctors to change their diagnosis in order to deem her mentally unfit for trial so that she would not be deported (there are other cases as well).

Litzman's office put out a response that he has had the great merit to work for the people and to help and respond to the thousands of issues and requests sent to him form across the spectrum of Israeli society and his door is always open to help everyone.

I guess that means he is willing to even help [alleged] criminals and pedophiles who want him to help them avoid trials and justice. I would note that he has never denied it - he has always simply responded that he helps everyone and has no personal relationship with her.

I clearly do not know if he is innocent or guilty, but I am happy that this is finally moving forward and will at some point in the not too distant future be clarified one way or another.

I would note that being indicted means he will no longer be able to serve as minister (at least not until he is declared innocent, should he be)....The Prime Minister is the only minister that can continue legally to serve while under indictment. All other ministers must resign upon indictment.

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  1. The other case, the delicatessen case, is pretty shocking too.

  2. it's hard to keep track because he's changed titles over the years but is he an official Minister or just a Deputy Minister (with Netanyahu the titular Minister), and if the latter, do Deputy Ministers also have to resign upon indictment?

    1. right now he is a full minister (housing). if I am not mistaken deputy ministers also must resign if indicted

  3. As I recall, he stated publicly at the time that he would never be a moser (turning a Jew over to a non-Jewish or non-halachic government).


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