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May 26, 2021

treif food means no torah existed or that people didnt keep it?

TOI is reporting on a study of 2000 years of fish consumption in the ancient holy land. 

Just to start, it sounds riveting. yawn.

According to the study, while pork remains have hardly been found in the ancient holy land seemingly indicating that it was not eaten much (or, at least there is no evidence of it having been commonly eaten). Non-Kosher surf however is different - there seems to be plenty of evidence of it having been consumed regularly in the holyland.

It seems that from the remains found, catfish was the most commonly eaten non-kosher fish, along with some shark, eel and ray. Of course kosher fish was also eaten.

You can read more details of what they found in the TOI article.

According to the article, the people performing the study use this information to prove their thoery that the Torah was not divinely given some 3300 years ago but was compiled ta a much later time, and there was a large period of time that the tribal Israelites were not keeping the Torah because it did not yet exist.

They theorize that when the Torah was written down, on pork it basically kept to what the local culture had already been - not to eat it, as the Canaanites in the area had already not been eating pork hundreds of years before the Israelites. Non-kosher fish however was being eaten by the Canaanites and Judeans, and when the laws were eventually written in the Torah, it was in contrast to local dietary behaviors and I guess it continued to be ignored for a while until it became more mainstream and accepted.

blah blah blah and their theories. I see nothing complicated about accepting that many people were not so religious and did not keep all the rules. Why did they not eat pork? I don't know but today as well, even among many Jews who do not keep kosher it is fairly common to still not eat pork. So people eat cheeseburgers and shrimp and catfish and whatever else but they do not eat pork and there is nothing confounding about that. Pork seems to always have been beyond the pale for many of even the most distant and unaffiliated Jews.

Even today when we are so religious of a society in the holy land, many eat not kosher. In a couple thousand years will they say there was no torah because so much not-kosher fish was eaten or because cheeseburgers were common? Besides for Jews, 2000 years ago, plus the entire hundreds of years prior to that and after that saw the holy land filled with foreign armies and governments, whether it was the Romans, the Greeks, or many others, and besides foreign invaders there were also the many foreigners who settled in the Holy Land due to it being the Holy Land or passing through for business or pilgrimages.

Finding that "treif food" was common in the holy land that has been filled with people of many faiths and countries of origin does not prove anything other than people ate these fish.

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  1. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone, but there was lots of idolatry in the Holy Land. The Bible even talks about it. That proves something, not sure what.

    1. It proves that not everyone followed the Torah, just as Rafi said. The quotes from the archaeologists are embarrassing -- for them.

  2. These newspaper outlets, magazine and most of the mainstream media of all kinds are part and parcel of this nwo agenda; the first and most thing is to promote atheism and deny Torah Judaism. The chacham who wrote that piece in the TOI is just another radical leftist who wants to deny the Divinity of Torah (it gives them such naches). Would be great to see the embarrassment of these people coming straight from their twisted souls when all Truth will reveal itself for the world.

  3. Sharks and catfish, like all fish, have scales, just not the kind we accept as kosher. Eels and rays are another story.

    Newsflash: There were plenty of non-Jews in Israel then too.

  4. A kosher fish has to have both scales and fins.


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