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May 13, 2021

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This is pretty disappointing, though many will not be surprised by it and have claimed all along that deep down this is what the Israeli Arabs believe, even if they do not say it openly.... and this is Israeli Arabs, with full citizenship and rights like all Jewish Israelis, including voting. Not like the Arabs in Judea and Samaria that don't have the same rights because they are residents but not citizens 

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  1. Why does it take an insurrection for any rational Jew (especially a religious Jew) to understand that having the fifth column in the midst of our people in the Land of Israel goes against everything in the Torah! No one wanted to listen and heed the pleas of a great Rabbi years ago when he forewarned this is what will happen. May H' have mercy and give wisdom and protection to all our people and see to it that it gets leadership with a backbone!

  2. Yes we all agree and especially me, my family were fervent advocates of Meir Kahane and part of his active New York chai squad. EXCEPT they live in our country and according to the law of Torah/and the country - they can not be expelled, transferred or shot dead on the spot (except in the midst of a terrorist assault). So what is a viable solution?


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