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May 13, 2021

Proposed Law: revoke citizenship of rioters during rockets

MK Miki Zohar (Likud) is proposing a law in light up the tiktokifada.

According to Kol Hai News and Hamechadesh, Zohar is proposing two laws that enable Israeli to revoke citizenship from any Israeli citizen involved in rioting while a security situation is ongoing. 

Zohar explains in his proposal that with Israeli citizens involved in the rioting and causing damage, both to people and to property, while rockets are being shot at Israel, it turns it into a security situation with multiple fronts. the right to Israeli citizenship cannot be disconnected from loyalty to the State. The proposal would give the Minister of Interior and/or the courts the right to cancel citizenship of any citizen taking part in such violent rioting.

Zohar says this will give the State the tools to keeping public order. We need this tool as a deterrent.

I am not sure if this is good or not, but they should think it through very well. It seems to me that it could be quite easy to abuse this in all sorts of ways. Who determines if we are in a "security situation" or not? What are the parameters of such a security situation, during which rioting would qualify for revocation of citizenship? Would/Could this be applied to Jewish citizens or only Arab citizens? If Jewish citizens as well, would that disqualify them from getting citizenship back under the Law of Return? Even if they do not intend to use it against Jewish citizens at this point, is it written in a way that at some point in the future under a different government it might be used differently than intended today? Will it be a law that the courts would uphold if it is only meant for the Arab citizens but not Jewish citizens or will the courts reverse it as discrimination?

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  1. This is obviously intended to be used against Arabs. In a country with a functional and non-racist government, you don't revoke citizenship, you prosecute and jail criminals.

  2. Non-racist? What do you call the Law of Return? What do you call the lyrics of the national anthem? Do you want to change the flag too?

    1. 1) You didn't read my comment correctly.
      2) None of those things are examples of racism.


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