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May 19, 2021

running for president

It looks like the elections for President of the State of Israel is going to come down to the two candidates of Miriam Peretz and Yitzchak Herzog. Nobody else seems to be successfully running. Yehuda Glick just dropped out and Yehoram Gaon did not get enough signatures to be officially nominated.

Both Miriam Peretz and Yitzchak Herzog seem, to me, to be good choices, wo whoever wins will I am sure be fine.

That being said, I would love to see Miriam Peretz win. She would be a female and sefardi president, not coming from the "elite" ranks of Israel and not a career politician. It would be a refreshing change, hopefully, and perhaps she could inspire more hope and unity than a career politician could, as good a job as people like Rivlin has done and I am sure Herzog could do.

That being said, the position of President of the State of Israel is superfluous and should really be done away with. It is usually set aside for easing long-time politicians out the door of public life and serves no necessary purpose, in addition to being a money drain. 

So, if either candidate must be President of Israel, I hope it would be Miriam Peretz and I am fine with Yitzchak Herzog, but I would prefer if it got canceled and done away with entirely.

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  1. Don't forget that Herzog is also half Sefardi from his mother, and that his religious yichus will get him votes from the religious parties ideally they should make an agreement to rotate 3.5 years each

  2. Benai Yisrael Should Want Beit Dawid ( aka Mosheach) not a PM or a President.

    Chacham Tzvi


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