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May 19, 2021

Proposed Law: revoking citizenship from terrorists

MK Gideon Saar (Tikva Chadasha) has proposed a law that would revoke citizenship, or permanent resident status, from terrorists and terror activists.

And the Likud has said they will support this proposal, though based on the way the Knesset is not exactly functioning, the chances of this proposal being advanced any time soon are slim at best.

Saar explained that in the current situation, the Minister of Interior has no authority to revoke the status of a permanent resident unless there are extremely out of the ordinary circumstances unrelated to any involvement in terror activities. Currently these terrorists can be involved in acts of terror yet still continue to benefit for all social benefits as any other citizen does. This proposal, if passed, would give the Minister of Interior such authority, thus rehabilitating the deterrence of the government and internal security.
source: Srugim

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