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May 27, 2021

will the vaccine be a victim of its own success?

According to recent news reports, Israel is about to approve, or authorize, the Covid-19 vaccination for children between the ages of 12 and 15 years old. In the USA they have already begun vaccinating this age group.

I suspect, and obviously I dont know for sure, that this coming vaccination campaign and operation will not be nearly as successful as the original one. And it might be because of the success of the first - it might be a victim of its own success.

The first campaign and operation was wholly successful. Obviously not everyone got the vaccination, but enough did, and quickly, that it had a nearly immediate effect on the morbidity and infection rate of the CoronaVirus, knocking it into nearly oblivion in Israel. The numbers today, and already for a while, have been so small they are negligible.

I suspect many (most?) parents will approach the questions of the COVID-19 vaccine a little differently than they did for themselves. In addition to the safety questions and all that, the additional factor is that considering how there is almost no CoronaVirus in Israel, how necessary is it to take that risk, small as it might be? The vaccine was so successful, parents will likely think it is not necessary to bother taking the risk with their kids...

I know what I hear is a small sample size, and is likely part of some bubble or another, but it seems to me that the percentages won't be anything even close to what we saw in the first half of this year of vaccinations...


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  1. Fully agree. I don't plan on vaccinating my kids, because I see no immediate reason to. My kids have basically been in school without masks since after pesach, which seems like a pretty good enough "experiment" to say, the risk level is too low to justify giving the vaccine.

  2. Study, study until you'll realize truth. To do this to one's children is beyond any common sense!


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