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May 27, 2021

making it easy for anti-corona-vaxxers to marry

There is a new shidduch service in town (though it doesn't seem to be limited to any specific location)

We have already seen something similar, anti-vaccine based shidduchim services, though this is seemingly somewhat different. This service is for people who are not vaccinated, there will be no official shidduch fees - not for being set up or even upon getting engaged, and the nonsense of resumes will be done away with.

Also, this service is for non-vaccinated (specifically against CoronaVirus, not general antivax) people to be able to meet and date "like minded people". It says nothing about the shedding of infertility and thereby staying safe by only dating non-vaxxed people, so I guess this is already better than the other, or less weird.

It seems to me to be a relatively good thing. I don't care if non-vaccinated people want to date other non-vaccinated people. I guess it is a serious enough issue that it is reasonable for people to want to clear this one in advance, sort of like people who only want to date others who want to live in Israel or specifically others that do not want to live in Israel. So if someone out there wants to, or thinks he can, help these people meet and get married, maybe solve the shidduch crisis somewhat in some way, more power to him.

At the end of the day it does not seem to me that this is going to last very long. With the shidduch pool wide open people are having time finding their mates, with some sort of shidduch crisis supposedly happening. If they are going to limit the pool and make it really small, maybe it will help a few people find their mates but overall for most people it probably wont be overly useful, and at some point all this corona vaccine stuff will be forgotten or pushed behind us and people will want, or need, the larger pool of potential mates....

So anti-corona-vaxxers, go meet your mates easily now while you can!

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