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May 25, 2021

dying to be a Jew

According to TOI, a Belgian soccer player, Noa Lang, declared, or sang together with fans, something about how he would rather die than be a Jew.

1. I am not sure why those are the only two choices
2. Don't worry. The feeling is mutual. We Jews don't want you either
3. We will be as happy as you if you died rather then becoming a Jew
4. Go for it

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  1. To be fair, the article says that the other soccer team is nicknamed "the Jews." Very odd name. And he says his intention was to say that he would rather die than be a member of the other team. Kind of like a Yankees player saying he would rather die than be a Mets player.

    1. A number of European teams are called that- including this guy's team!- for various reasons. They wear it with pride, but it's often used by the opponents to say some pretty blatantly anti-Semitic things. Nope, this guy knew what he was doing.

      Oh, raised by a Moroccan.


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