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May 26, 2021

take it easy

I try to ignore all the political talk during government coalition formulating time. Almost all of it is rumors and accusations and spin and nothing you can believe.

An example of that is today. MKs Smotritch and Shaked are both accusing each other of lying and of being at fault for the inability to form a full right wing government. If they both are willing and it is the other one's fault, why don't they do it now? In the meantime they are each just accusing the other of being responsible for the failure.

Another recent example was the rumors recently of a Likud offer to split Yamina - they would not take Bennett and his people, but would take Shaked as she has shown more loyalty to the right. The next day they floated more rumors of a repeated offer to merge Yamina into Likud - but without Shaked.

Everything now is spin and marketing. Each and every politician is bu8sy trying to make himself or herself look better and the other look worse. The spin is to both look better and also to put pressure on the other to break off talks or to bring this or that one into the fold, etc.

You just have to remind yourself not to listen to it all now, not believe it, and not get so worried you feel the need to comment. I see some people upset and crying in various political groups every time a new rumor is floated - they say we can't trust him/her, they stole my vote, etc.. and ten minutes later we hear a rumor exactly the opposite of the previous one.

Take it easy, let them do what they do, and at the end when something is final then we will know what is going on.


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