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May 26, 2021

the Internet Goy of Mea Shearim

For years, ever since the Internet bans have become a thing with conferences and rallies and asifas and whatnot, we have all been joking about using an "Internet Goy" for your Internet needs. I have personally even been the "internet goy" for the occasional neighbor or school teacher who needed some Internet usage but did not have their own access...

According to Hamechadesh, the joking has become a reality.

Until now, in Haredi areas like Mea Shearim and the surrounding neighborhoods they would either use filters or local Internet cafes that used filtered Internet to accomplish business needs or access to online banking or municipal services, but there were always many who refused to even use those filtered services.

Now, in Mea Shearim, they have begun a service called an "Internet Goy" - whoever needs some sort of Internet based service can just call a phone number and make the request of what to search for or what needs to be done on the Internet. With the order placed, several avreichim will be available to perform these searches or online services, for a small fee. They also have a goy available for people who insist on only using a goy so as not to cause Jews to sin.

I would hope they have to pay more for the actual goy, considering supply and demand and the specialized service he offers.

Also, if they are working (by searching and using the Internet for pay) and not learning in kollel, I am not sure why they are called avreichim, but ok.

If they are looking for workers, perhaps they can employ this Michael Elk missionary who posed as a Haredi Jew. That might be the best of both worlds -a goyish avreich!

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