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May 25, 2021

Italy vs Israel

Italy suffered a terrible tragedy on Sunday when the cable of a cable car snapped and the car crashed into a wooded mountain. 14 people died (including some Israelis - no matter how small a people we are, how small a country Israel is, it sometimes seems as if the Jew and Israelis are everywhere and somehow involve din almost every crazy incident anywhere in the world) and one child is in critical condition.

By Monday Italy already launched an investigation into the cause of the accident.

In Meron 45 people died on Lag B'Omer, with hundreds injured (with varying degrees of severity). More than 3 weeks later, Israel has yet to launch an investigation into the matter. Not only that but just yesterday coalition members, including MKs from the party that represents all, or almost all, the people injured and killed, voted against an attempt to establish such an investigation. At best they are arguing about what type of investigation to conduct by what type of investigative body. It seems as if they are going to argue about it until it is no longer an issue and it just goes away with everyone having moved on....

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