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May 13, 2021

how bad has it gotten?

How bad has this tiktokifada gotten?

As mentioned, Lod seems to be the worst but there has been bad violence in a number of towns around Israel, in addition to "random" and "spontaneous" violence on roads near Arab areas...

so how bad has it gotten, especially in Lod?

The news today has reported that it has gotten so bad in Lod that [some] Jewish residents have been removing the mezuzas from their doorposts so their buildings would not be identified as housing Jews.

This is reminiscent of the worst, the darkest, times in Jewish history when Jews had to hide their identity as Jews in order to survive. And sadly this is happening in a Jewish State under Jewish control, and the police and national leadership seem to be AWOL. Responsibility Without Blame at its best. That should be a hashtag - #responsibilitywithoutblame. I am going to tweet it.

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1 comment:

  1. Where is the exalted leadership and the mighty army? Doesn't seem to be helping. What a disappointment and disgrace!


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