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May 25, 2021

PSA: travelling on expired US passports

When Covid-19 hit globally, the United States basically closed its embassies around the world. They continued to provide some services by mail and at times offered limited numbers of appointments, but most American citizens all around the world have been unable to get the services they required from the embassies and consulates. In Israel the Covid situation was followed by the Gaza situation and just as the embassy was increasing the number of available appointments they shut down again due to the security situation.

I read somewhere, a few days ago, that the United States embassy in Israel is 19 months behind in services provided, meaning if they opened up fully right now to provide the services in full to the number of American citizens that need them, just in Israel, it would take 19 months to catch up. I have no idea how accurate that number is but it is true that they are way behind and American expats are stuck all over the world unable to renew expired passports, register new children as citizens and deal with other consular services. People all over the world are affected, including in Israel which is a small country with a lot of American citizens.

The US State Department just announced that if your US passport expired after January 1, 2020, you can travel on your expired passported back to the United States - until December 31, 2021. 

This allowance is limited and qualified. You can see the State Department statement (linked above) for the list of qualifications. It is also only in place for people travelling to the United States, not from the United States.

This issue does not just affect people from Israel, and the allowance is not an exception granted to citizens travelling from Israel. It is in general for citizens around the world. A search online shows that people in India, Russia, Germany, and many other places are struggling enough that their local media reported on this new allowance. 

Wherever you are, if you are a US citizen and have been unable to travel back to the USA due to an expired passport and you still cannot renew it, now is your chance.

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