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Dec 14, 2021

18 ministers

Yesterday Foreign Minister Yair Lapid related to the size of the government, being as bloated as it is yet another Deputy Minister was just appointed. Lapid famously promised to make the law to limit the size of the government to a maximum of 18 ministers, so the size of this government that he is one of the heads of  is particularly egregious.

Lapid was asked about the size of the government and responded saying that it was impossible to form a government now with 18 ministers. Lapid committed that the next government will be with an 18 minister limit. 

The next government. That is, if Lapid is forming it, of course. Not sure what the chances of that are, but he is optimistic.

It is understandable, if upsetting or frustrating, that this type of a "kilayim" government needs to be bloated to keep everyone happy and to keep the government viable. I dont know why he thinks the next government, even if he forms it, will be any different and if it is also a mishmash of parties from across the spectrum they wont each need the abundance of positions like they did this time. The question will be if once they all taste the sweet nectar of controlling government offices and other jobs if they will be able to give it up for the greater good of a smaller government with more proportional representation.


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