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Dec 28, 2021

who owns the club?

We see this again and again. Haredi MKs telling others MKs or Ministers with whom they have disagreements that they aren't Jewish, or aren't religious, and should take off the kipa from their heads.

After the initial attacks after the formation of the new government have settled down somewhat, last night in a special Knesset session for discussion of the new tax on disposable paper goods MK Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) attacked MK Gilad Kariv (Labor). Litzman said Kariv, a Reform rabbi, is a priest, not a rabbi, and should take off his kipa, he is a goy.

First, humorously, plenty of priests also wear a kipa. Just look at the Pope.

Second, agree or disagree with whoever you want on policy or lifestyle or whatever, but what Litzman said, and what other Haredi MKs have said several times to Bennett and others in the government since it was formed, "take off your kipa" or "you are a goy", shows, I think, exactly why they needed some time away from controlling the religious services of the country, or even their influence on the government. They feel that only they get to decide what Judaism is, how it is defined, and who qualifies to be a member. Disagree with Kariv, disagree with Reform Judaism (as has always been the case), disagree with Bennett, disagree with Matan Kahane, but you dont get to decide who is a Jew, who is a goy and who gets to wear a kipa. The Haredi community, or the Haredi politicians, aren't the owners of Judaism and don't get to decide who can be a member and who cannot.

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  1. Shkoyach, Rafi!

  2. except that halacha does get to decide who is a Goy . Here it's obviously facetious. but this MK 'Rabbi' recognizes gentiles as jews . No doubt you would be happy with his government deciding who is a jew....

    1. 1. as I said, continue to oppose reform policy and standing, as orthodox Jews have always done. but you dont get to tell people who can wear a kipa, who cant and who isnt a jew when they are
      2. his government is not deciding on who is a jew. it is putting the situation back to the way it was until about 30 years ago where city rabbonim were authorized to convert. I would note these city rabbis are all certified by the rabbanut, so it is not like they are giving it to reform rabbis to decide. I am not sure this is such a major move, but it doesnt bother me one way or the other. I dont see a problem decentralizing geirus or anything else. There is no halacha that only the rabbanut can declare something kosher and there is no halacha that only the rabbanut can run geirus. the halacha actually says that all you need for geirus is a beis din of 3 hedyotos. So put together a plan for geirus that works as well as you can manage, it doesnt bother me what that way is. I am not tied to the Rabbanut and am not opposed to them either.

    2. What's funny, and telling, is that none of the people defending it are particularly loyal to the Rabbanut either.


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