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Dec 29, 2021

who is more of a Jew?

And it isn't just MKs Litzman and Gafni and their peers who think they have the authority to determine people's membership status in the Jewish tribe.

Today, in discussing the kerfuffle with the Chief Rabbi Rav David Lau and Minister of Religious Affairs Matan Kahane over the possible termination of employment of the deputy head of the conversion services, Minister of Communications Yoaz Hendel said people who have served in the army are more Jewish than those who did not serve.

Presumably he is referring to the many non-Jews in the army who go through the conversion process. Most of them have a Jewish father but not mother and were raised Jewish even though they arent really, and other forms of zera yisrael. Hauser was probably saying this as an explanation of why they should be pushed through the system in an easier fashion or quicker than standard. I am not sure what his point was, but that is what he said. 

Hauser does not get to decide who is more Jewish than whom, and based on what criteria. Serving in the army might make you more Israeli, in some ways from a cultural perspective perhaps, but it does not make you more Jewish.

Too many people think they have authority over Judaism. Keep your hands off.

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1 comment:

  1. You're absolutely correct here - 'keep your hands off'. Being a Jew is pure Torah Law, not someone's feeling about someone's status or likability. You're either a Jew or not!
    Very simple. If one truly ones to become a Jew with sincerity, he/she can convert; otherwise, NO go! This is all part of the powers that want to erase, c'v, Judaism/Torah and the Jewish nation. They are at war with G-D! The Jewish people must be alerted to the plans and goals of our enemies; they are just using different strategies.


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