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Dec 27, 2021

Palestinians: Are you the descendants of the Canaanites? (video)

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  1. Again, this interviewer asks the most inane questions. He himself knows no history, as, unfortunately most people today also know nothing of history.
    The Canaanites no longer exist. They are an extinct people just like the ancient Romans,Hittites, the Jebusites, etc., etc. The Arab nation stems from Yishmael, whose mother was an Egyptian princess, also of the ancient Egyptians who longer exist as a people but (some say they are today's coptic Egyptians), They stem from Noah's son, Cham. And through their Father Abraham who stemmed from Noah's son, Shem. They stem from both Cham & Shem. Today, they are a very mixed people as they conquered many nations from all over the world by the sword. They are not the indigineous people of the Land of Israel.
    The Land of Israel was given to Abraham/Sarah's son, Yitzchak & to his son, Yaakov and their descendants as an eternal inheritance by the G-D of Creation, Hashem!


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