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Dec 21, 2021

open, closed, open closed

Sometimes I just don't get it.

Back in August and September, people were extremely critical of PM Naftali Bennett because it first looked like he was not imposing tight restrictions in Israel despite an outbreak and then critical for not having set restrictions and leaving everything open over the holidays.

Now, with another outbreak seemingly on its way, possibly the 5th wave, Bennett is looking at possibly setting restrictions, with some already in place and more possibly on the way, yet people are extremely critical of this now calling him hysterical.

Now, we know most people won't keep to most restrictions anyway, and enforcement has always been relatively light. The airport and air travel is the exception because people really dont have a way around that, but internally within Israel, there is very little following of the rules.

So people are upset when he leaves things open and call him irresponsible, and people are upset when he sets restrictions, calling him hysterical.

Considering it is all the same news outlets and social media that I normally read both then and now, it is presumably also the same people, more or less.

I think people just like to complain and be critical. No matter what he does (or any government, for that matter - not just because Bennett isnt overly well liked by a good portion of the population), people will be critical. 

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