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Dec 13, 2021

court overturned ticket for using Waze

Bini Ashkenazy, a financial reporter, reported on Twitter this morning a landmark decision on driving handsfree.

 Somebody got a ticket for touching his phone to turn off Waze while driving. He chose to challenge the ticket. In court he claimed that according to the law one is allowed to remove one hand form the steering wheel for the purpose of ensuring proper functioning and operation of the vehicle. The navigation system is today one of the essential functions of the car and is one of the activities performed for proper functioning of the car (similar to the way changing the radio station might be considered?). Sending messages and reading messages would not be considered proper functioning of the car but navigation is. He was not holding his phone but only touched it while it remained in the dash mount.

The court accepted the argument and decided in his favor.

This is an important ruling and can possibly invalidate a lot of tickets that are given out to drivers...


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