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Dec 22, 2021

give kosher back to the public

Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman today called upon the public to avoid the Rabbanut (and he insisted the reforms will go through as planned) and restaurant owners should not get kashrut certificates form them but should hang signs on their restaurants that say we are kosher with no certificate.

The headlines are already screaming about Lieberman calling on the public to break the law.

The law is that the Rabbanut has a monopoly on the word kosher and no restaurant can use the word kosher without obtaining the permission of the Rabbanut. Essentially, Lieberman is telling restaurant owners to ignore that law and declare themselves as kosher without involving the Rabbanut. 

Perhaps Lieberman finds it unnecessary due to the coming reforms rendering it superfluous but if he wants restaurant owners to do this he should first change the law to take away authority over this word from the Rabbanut. Give kosher back to the public before encouraging them to use it!

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  1. Wow, no shame, one sin after the other.

  2. I wonder how many people who keep kosher trust Lieberman's kashrut advice.

    When Matan Kahana raised concerns about the way the Rabbinate is run and whether they should have a monopoly on kosher certification, it was coming from someone who cared deeply about kashrut and the nature of the Jewish State. You could agree or disagree with him, but he genuinely gave the impression that he wanted to strengthen kashrut observance, not undermine him (even though personally I think that his solution was mistaken).

    However, Lieberman has let the cat out of the bag, this debate is not about making Kashrut more accessible, or making it easier for the average Jo to keep kosher, it is about undermining the religious establishment in this country.

    I don't think anyone could have made a stronger case against the Kashrut reforms than Avigdor Liberman just did.

  3. amazing idea...

    No need to go to medical school either. Just put a sign up saying "Doctor". How silly to pay for med school...

    Oh yeah, and why take expensive driving lessons? Instead of putting up "New Driver" sign after passing just put up one that says "I can drive".

    Liberman clearly only said this because he doesn't consider kashrut a reality so why bother with official licensing.

    1. When you go to a doctor, do you just trust that he is one because he said so?

    2. oh, for sure
      doesn't everyone?
      and I also send $317 to claim the $1,450,000.75 abandoned in Nigeria when an anonymous email asks me to


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