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Dec 21, 2021

more Zionist than Israel

Ben & Jerry's announced several months back that it would stop selling its ice cream in "occupied Palestinian territories" and would not renew the contract with the Israeli manufacturer of Ben & Jerry's due to their refusal to comply. The response while weird made some sort of sense. In Israel we should continue to buy Ben & Jerry's products because doing so was supporting the local manufacturer who put himself on the line against the global company, while Jews and Israel supporters abroad should stop buying the ice creams due to the decision of the parent company. Weird, but it makes sense.

A movement was then formed against the parent company of Ben & Jerry's, Unilever. They gave Ben & Jerry's independence to make such moves, though as the owners of the Ben & Jerry's brand they are exposed to the fallout.

To that end, several states in the USA over the past few months have decided to act on laws passed that prevent them from doing business with or having investments in companies that participate in boycotts of Israel. Several states have decided to stop working with Unilever, with Illinois set to join the group now, planning to divest pension funds invested in Unilever.

This too is a weird situation, but this one doesnt have the same logic to justify it. With ben & Jerry's it made sense to support the local company in standing up to a boycott being imposed. With Unilever, they sell tremendous amount of product in Israel and have a major presence here. States in the USA are ending relations with them while in Israel we continue to support them. I am not calling for a boycott but if I was in the leadership of any of those states I would ask why Israel continues to allow them to do business with nary a word and why we have to divest from them while Israel lets them continue operating as normal...

Are these States more Zionist than the Israelis?

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1 comment:

  1. Unilever owns way too much of the Israeli food market for it to be boycotted in Israel. And Unilever markets Israeli products overseas as well.

    The US States are not *boycotting* Unilever; they are withdrawing their pension funds, which can be very, very substantial, from investments *in* Unilever. Essentially, Unilever is being harmed- and it is being harmed- from the end of its stock price, not its sales, and it's the former that can carry a bigger impact.

    These are essentially two different things, though.


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