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Dec 12, 2021

Trump and Israel

We all know former President of the United States Donald Trump has an extreme and narcissistic personality, for good and for bad.

I have not yet seen or read the explosive interview with Donald Trump, handled by Barak Ravid, but I have seen the excerpts that everyone else has seen, and obviously there was the particularly harsh one with the expletive that made it to the front page of Ynet on Friday.

Basically, Trump blew up and completely turned on former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because  Netanyahu congratulated US President Joe Biden on his winning the elections. While here it was reported that Netanyahu waited a long time before congratulating, Trump said Netanyahu rushed to send congratulations and did it too fast, disloyal, etc.

We know Trump demands loyalty, and even the slightest sniff of lack of loyalty gets someone on his bad side. Because of that "disloyalty" of Netanyahu Trump raked him over the coals, claiming he would say yes to peace suggestions but really wasnt interested and Abbas really wanted peace, and Gantz was easier to work with, blah blah blah etc.

It seems that if Trump wins back the presidency in 2024, if he runs, Israel is probably screwed. While Netanyahu is definitely burned by Trump, should Netanyahu return to the office of Prime Minister, the question is if Trump will hold this grudge against all Israel, no matter who is PM or if only Netanyahu.

This isn not Netanyahu's fault. Biden won, Bibi had to congratulate him, whether he wanted to or not. He did not rush to do so, he waited to see how things would develop. When he saw that Biden was the definite winner, he sent congrats. As PM, Netanyahu could not prefer his personal relationship with Trump (which we now are not sure really existed) over the relationship of Israel with the United States. This is all Trump's narcissism. 


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