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Dec 28, 2021

where is your humanity?

The Tikvah Chadasha (aka New Hope) faction of the Knesset, headed by Minister Gideon Saar, came to Bet Shemesh yesterday to meet with city leadership on various issues.

Upon conclusion of the meetings when leaving the municipal offices the faction was greeted by a few vocal protesters, people who are generally called Bibists. They particularly took aim at MK Benny Begin, son of former Likud leader and Prime Minister Menachem begin, calling him a traitor and saying other nasty things to him.

The form of protest was criticized by many and it should be noted that several senior Likud activists and MKs criticized this behavior as well.

Here is a video of the incident.

I would note that people have the right to protest whatever they want. That is a basic right in any democracy. These people can protest Begin having left the Likud, they can protest his part in forming a government coalition with Leftists and Arabs, they can protest the color of his sweater and they can protest the flavor of his coffee. That is their right.

But man, their form of protest really leaves a bad taste. I can't believe anybody wants to be associated with these types of people. They should find a more decent method of expressing their distaste and frustration over Begin's decisions and not sink to such poor behavior. Thankfully it seems like there were only two of them - that's at least all we see in the video, and they did not seem to be able to muster up a big crowd to join them in their protest, so maybe there is some hope after all.

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1 comment:

  1. It's the little man even if there are just a few protesting, but kudos to them. Because a great miscarriage of justice was done to the Jewish people and the Jewish(?) state, because this treachery has brought in the literal enemies of Israel into power because all the pols are no good, even Bibi who made a pact with the devil making his own countrymen lab rats for the world (unbelievable sin) and this woman was right to a degree, but nothing will help this world at this point, unless every Jew does teshuvah, otherwise only MOSHIACH! Praying for his speedy arrival b'chesed and much racchamim!


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