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Dec 21, 2021

doomsday predictions are optimistic

PM Naftali Bennett has reportedly said, in internal meetings, that in 20 days we will have a million Israelis daily infected by Omicron, if we dont put the kabosh on it now.

Omicron seems to spread much faster though it also seems that the virus affects are lighter than previous variants.

So, with a million Israelis getting infected each day, with a relatively light virus (one that we cannot really stop), we should be out of this mess within a month or so. Over a million Israelis have already gotten infected over the past couple of years. With just over 9 million Israelis, the last 8+ million should get infected within about 27 days from now, or so. When everyone has had it, it should mostly be over. There might be some getting it for the second time, but most so far do not.

I guess this was an optimistic prediction!

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