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Dec 12, 2021

the frumkini/burkini in Eilat

I don't know how the Miss Universe pageant works with the scheduling. I tried to look it up but the list of events nd dates made me even more confused with pre-shows, rehearsals and various other events. I have no idea what is part of the competition and what is not. Either way, Miss Bahrain made a statement in the swimsuit competition portion of the show on Friday.

Manar Nadeem Dayani, aka Miss Bahrain, walked out on stage, during the swimsuit competition, in a fully covered flowing activewear outfit. I guess it was something similar to a blinged out frumkini/burkini.

Dayani said, after the event, that she made a statement that she walked out with the millions of women who believe that the standard of beauty should be the light sparkling from within and that anyone can shine as long as they serve with purity, compassion and kindness. What a beautiful message to convey on the stage.

And Dayani has now opened up future competition to frum women (whether frum Jewish, Arab or Christian or those of any other religion that stresses modesty) everywhere by being a disrupter and showing that the modest bathing attire can compete in the classic swimsuit competition. Besides for not needing to compete on Shabbos (it looks to me like no events were held on Shabbos). the swimsuit portion of the pageant no longer needs to be an impediment either.   

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