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Dec 12, 2021

beautiful contestants everywhere

Beauty was in the news this past week.

The Miss Universe pageant was held in Israel, in Eilat. that alone is newsworthy, but this turned into a bigger news item as the country was shut down for tourists due to the Omicron variant revealed in Israel. People got upset and used this as a target while their own relatives could not come into the country yet the beauty pageant contestants were allowed in. As they say, the show must go on and the pageant is being held as planned.

The second item was a beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia. The King Abdulaziz camel beauty pageant made the news as organizers of the event announced they would be cracking down on cheating -  the camels have been getting botox injections to make their humps and lips more appealing, against the rules of the pageant, along with collagen fillers and the use of bands tied around body parts to restrict blood flow and make them look bigger. This pageant has 33,000 contestants, with $66,000,000 on the line.

The question is, are we treating camels like women or are we treating women like camels? Maybe it is time. in 2021, to put an end to such beauty pageants....


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