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Dec 26, 2021

wait until 9999

This is weird. 

According to Times Now News, an Australian man who followed his ex-wife to Israel so he could see his children is now going to be stuck here for nearly 8000 years!

Or until he pays his debt of child support. 

Whichever comes first, I guess.

By the time the year 9999 comes along he probably wont be able to travel due to his age and deteriorating health. Heck, we might even still be in Covid lockdown or with a closed airport due to some new variant. Or maybe Australia will be. 

Noam Huppert followed his ex wife, in 2012, a year after she moved to Israel. Nice, he missed his kids. Good for him. But now he can't leave.

I guess they were just separated in Australia because Mrs Huppert filed for divorce in Israel. Noam was ordered to pay child support of 5000nis per month, until his two children turn 18, and they issued a stay of exit order due to this future debt. No traveling for vacation, for holidays, for work, etc. Nothing.

So if he pays his child support faithfully every month, he should be good to go when they turn 18. If not, he is stuck here until December 31, 9999. I dont know what happens after that - can she get the order extended or reissued? Will Israel even still exist in 9999? Will the world?

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