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May 16, 2022

Badatz wants to make Meron interesting

The Badatz Eida Hachareidis does not like the new arrangements at Meron for the upcoming Lag B'Omer celebrations. 

They accuse the government of trying to take over Meron and take the treasures of Meron and the area for itself, and to that end have destroyed shuls and batei medrash and the tzniyus roads and paths (which the government built in previous years in the first place)...

The Badatz calls on its adherents to not follow the rules of the government and to go to Meron without cooperating and without needing any favors or goodwill from those evil people.

I am not sure what they are expecting to happen - are they buying tickets to get in and just dont plan to follow the rules once there? Are they going to go without buying tickets and plan to fight their way in? Are they just talk and bluster and really will play along very nicely? Very often their public fights get a lot of public Haredi support from young hotheads. The issue of Meron is unique. Because of what happened last year I am not sure people form the general Haredi community are going to support them in this approach.

The last thing we need in Meron right now is to see the Edia zealots going to Meron and fighting their way in, attacking policemen and policemen attacking them to keep them out, or even getting in and then messing up the logistics in place...

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  1. fascinating irony of invoking the protection of the merit of rashbi

  2. Suggestion: stay home.

  3. And this is why I try to avoid buying products with the Hechser of the Eida Charedit - they have shown many times in the past that they have very little regard for human life (for example supporting demonstrations which block streets).
    If an organization cannot exercise basic common sense with regard to human life, not sure whether to trust their judgement regarding Kashrut.

  4. Ad matai laeida hara'a hazot...

  5. Where do you see all these things in the letter? To me it seems they are simply praising those who are working hard to ensure mehadrin buses, so you don't have to rely on the government non-mehadrin ones. This is not against any rules, the rules have provision for private buses. Presumably there was a bit of a fight to get permits for these buses, hence the chizuk.


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