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May 12, 2022

Quote of the Day

In the past few days they have attacked me that I am so to speak going with Yair Lapid... why would anybody think that I would go with these idiots and evil people? He who regularly says that I will gow itht he Left, he himself went with them and brought Oslo on us..

  -- MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ)

it is interesting to watch Gafni and Deri bickering. they are both sharp and can attack at the most hurtful spots. Deri has been attacking Gafni for recently inviting Yair Lapid to participate in his birthday celebrations. Gafni retorted attacking Deri for being responsible for the Oslo Accords. Deri didnt vote in favor of Oslo - he had Shas abstain at the time instead of vote against. Shas at the time was propping up Rabin's government. Voting against would have collapsed the government and put an end to Oslo Accords, but he abstained. Later in the votes of Oslo 2 Shas voted against. Deri has ever since tried to erase the claim of Shas having supported the Left and Oslo, and Gafni hit the most painful point by raising the issue again and accusing Deri of this.

At this rate they will bring down the Opposition before they bring down the Coalition

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