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May 8, 2022

the hot cholent hero

Several years ago there was a rash of terror attacks and some attacks were thwarted by regular bystanders. By "regular bystanders" I mean not members of any of the security forces. While generally we think of people stopping an attack by pulling out a licensed gun and shooting the terrorist dead in his tracks, or maybe we might fantasize about someone driving by and seeing an active shooter and driving right into him to stop him, or maybe driving alongside him and swinging open the door to smash into him, James Bond style of whatever, back then some of the attacks were stopped by people brandishing household items.

I dont remember all of them but a brief search brought up someone who stopped an attack by using an umbrella, another fellow who used his guitar to stop the attack and yet another who used nunchucks. I am pretty sure there were others but I dont remember them offhand.

This past week's horrific terror attack in Elad can be added to the list. According to Behadrei via TOI, two young men were sitting in their car eating the traditional Thursday night cholent (hmmm) when the terrorists approached to make them the next victims. One threw his bowl of hot cholent at the terrorist, burning and startling him, forcing him to pause his attack. Meanwhile the other grabbed the bottom of the axe and pushed him away...the other terrorist then tried to step in and they pushed him away as well, and the terrorists turned and ran. 

Add cholent to the list of potential weapons that might be available to a quick-thinking bystander...good for them for protecting themselves and pushing them away and preventing an even worse situation.

With all the calls for people to carry weapons to shul (anyone who has a permit to), I think we might be better served making sure the shul has a pot of steaming hot cholent.. and maybe the parishioners should all be given a bowl to hold, just in case, throughout the services. They should definitely eat it before it gets cold and ineffective, and the gabbai should make sure to keep refilling the weapons...

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1 comment:

  1. That's a great new way to compliment cholent. "It may not taste like much, but it'll stop a terrorist in his tracks!"


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