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May 30, 2022

PSA: Bet Shemesh kashrut alerts

The Rabbanut of Bet Shemesh issued a kashrut alert regarding several local restaurants stating that the hechsher has been removed.

No reason was given for the Rabbanut of Bet Shemesh removing the hechsher form these restaurants, but reasons are rarely given tot he public.

The affected restaurants and stores are:
Halo Teiman in Neimi Mall
Dagei Bet Shemesh
Pizza Meshulashim in Shaarei Ha'Ir Mall
Pizza Meshulashim in RBS on Kishon St

and without the rabanut hechsher it is likely they wont have the mehadrin hechshers either (as it is illegal, besides for whatever problems might have been discovered, and the mehadrin hechshers usually adhere to this law of requiring a base hechsher of the Rabbanut)

I dont know what happened, and my assumption is that it will be resolved quickly, but be aware of the situation and if you go to any of these (or other) places check the hechsher to see what is current, if that is important to you.

Meshulashim announced on its FB page the following:
All branches of Meshulashim have the hechsher of Rav Landau of Bnei Braq with a permanent mashgiach from the time it opens until closes. That is unconnected to the kashrut of the local council who request large sums of money that is not justified in exchange for their kashrut.
It is a shame that the religious council are "warning" the public without also saying the reason for removing the kashrut - which is only a demand for money that it does not deserve.

UPDATE 02/06/2022 - Meshulashim and Rabbanut Bet Shemesh have to an agreement on the dispute and the Rabbanut has re-issued its kashrut certification for both branches of meshulashim.

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  1. Why do you write that stores need the rabbanut hechsher in order to have mehadrin hechsherim? That used to be true. It is not true under the kashrus reforms.

  2. This post is somewhere between misleading and libel. There is no longer a requirement that establishments have a rabbanut hechsher, so these places stopped paying for one. Insinuating that "something happened" to cause them to "lose" the hechsher is total nonsense.

    1. I might be mistaken but libel? Yes, the plan of the kashrut reforms was to get rid of this obligation among other things but if I am not mistaken only the first stage of the reforms were put through so far, with the second stage happening next year and this is slated for the second stage. I might be wrong but that is my understanding

    2. It is libel to insinuate (based on nothing) that the rabbanut removed their hechsher due to some improper behavior by the establishments.

    3. I just reread the post again and I dont see where you think I insinuated improper behavior. I said I dont know what happened and that I assume whatever was the cause would be resolved quickly. not sure how that implies improper behavior any more than a financial dispute. and I included the response of meshulashim saying it was purely a financial decision. so I dont see where any libel is indicated in anything I wrote (though I am not a lawyer)

    4. You wrote "besides for whatever problems that might have been discovered."
      No problems were discovered.

    5. from the rabbanut announcement we did not know no problem had been discovered and it was only a payment issue (which is also a problem of sorts). A hechsher announcing having removed a hechsher with no explanation leaves it open to speculation as to why. There was a problem, which we discovered after - that the restaurants/shops stopped paying for the hechsher

    6. It would take you fewer keystrokes to just respond, "I should not have insinuated that problems were discovered."

  3. FYI - the post has been updated again. Meshulashim and the Rabbanut BS have come to a resolution and the Rabbanut has reissued its kashrut certification on both branches of Meshulashim.


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