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May 18, 2022

traffic about to get worse

Times of Israel is reporting that the City of Jerusalem is planning to build a new skyscraper and it is being modeled in some way after Dubai's Burj Khalifa. The Jerusalem skyscraper will be known as The Epstein Building. Sounds Jewish. I dont know what Burj Khalifa means or who it was named after, but "Epstein Bulding" just doesnt have the same ring to it...

I am not quite sure in what way it is being compared to the Burj Khalifa - Burj Khalifa is about 830 meters tall, with 163 floors, while the new Jerusalem skyscraper will be 40 stories high. Also the architects behind the design are saying it will not be a copy of the Burj Khalifa but will be designed to fit in with the Jerusalem landscape.

So, in what way is it like the Burj Khalifa? I think Israelis are still just enamored with Dubai and excited about this so we can say we are like them. Maybe it will be fancy and high end like the Burj Khalifa?

The new tower will be in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood of Jerusalem and it will include housing, a hotel, a cultural center, viewing spaces and public spaces. They expect it to take five years to build, and are still waiting for some of the licenses. 

Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan are planning, and building, some new skyscrapers as well. if Ramat Gan gets its way it seems they will soon host Israel's tallest building as part of the redesign of the are surrounding the Diamond District..

If you thought traffic was bad now, just wait until this project gets underway....

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  1. https://www.newsweek.com/jewish-progressives-are-dead-wrong-about-abortion-justice-opinion-1707045

  2. He is former Minister of Religious affairs, now deputy Minister, and acting Minister, soon to be reappointed Minister.

  3. https://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/jews-and-abortion-in-secular-law-more-light-and-less-heat/2022/05/19/
    So when it suits PC purposes
    centrists do suddenly
    an about face and
    out charedi the charedi
    Hopefully retroactively revealing


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