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May 29, 2022

Quote of the Day

I think the reality of what happened last year has shown that when we give in....the government then (under Bibi) decided to change the route of the parade, and we ended up with rockets on Jerusalem. I am no prophet but I will allow myself to assume that today we will not get rockets shot on us. Hamas and the terror organizations understand strength, they understand that we are not blinking, and vice versa. I bless the government, the Minister of Internal Security, and Bennett, who made the right decision - that the parade will happen on its natural route..

  -- MK Betzalel Smotritch (Hatzionut Hadatit)

good for Smotritch, and other MKs from his party and from some others, for recognizing something good done by Bennett and his ministers even though normally Smotritch has been a bitter rival over the past year or so. It is nice to see him give credit when due, unlike the Likud MKs that recently showed themselves to be selfish and egotistical (like most politicians but worse) and being overheard saying that doing good for the people is less important than getting back a good government (Likud led by Netanyahu). 

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