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May 10, 2022

unreasonable Lag BaOmer plans

The City of Bet Shemesh published the following announcement regarding Lag BaOmer bonfires around Bet Shemesh for the upcoming holiday...

If they would like to see even a semblance of compliance they should really make it slightly more realistic.

The announcement is that bonfires will only be allowed in areas that will have been designated and prepared for this by the Iryah. And it goes on to list the designated plots for bonfires throughout the city. Each neighborhood listed has two sites or more designated for bonfires. For some of those neighborhoods, two might not be enough either, but let's say it is. RBS A, possibly the largest single neighborhood of the entire Bet Shemesh is the only neighborhood with only one designated area - on Ein Gedi St. and it doesnt even say where on Ein Gedi St

Besides for the fact that it is not realistic to send thousands of people to one spot unless you are trying to create a disaster, and that is without even taking available parking into account, do they really expect people from Nahal Dolev, Nahal Raziel, Nahal Shimshon, Nehar Hayarden, and other streets on the other side of the neighborhood to go all the way to Ein Gedi, even if the people who live closer will? This is like set up to fail!

If they expect compliance, or anything close to it, they should have an area for bonfires in each area of the neighborhood - RBS is very large and spread out so more than one, probably at least 5 or 6 are needed.... (it might be just as insufficient in other neighborhoods, but I am only referring to RBS A)

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