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May 17, 2022

pay for protest Meron price list

this sign is crazy...

Not exactly "pay for slay" but not that far off....

The sign is really a posting of a price list of sorts for fighting with the police in Meorn on Lag B'Omer.

Whoever is behind this says that they have achieved funding for people who will be harmed by the police, according to the following price list:
If you get arrested, up to 1 day: $200
if you get hit by the police (better with it being documented): $100
if you get a fine: double whatever the fine is

Qualified participants should leave a message on the various system lines (I guess the relevant people know them, as they aren't included in the sign)

Accompanying the lower picture of a police bus to hold detainees, they write that even 50 of these won't be enough.

Looks like it will be leibedige on Lag B'Omer, though I really think their bark is worse than their bite... there probably wont be too many of these whackos...

It isnt a bad price list for people who dont have any other regular income... I do wonder if they get $100 for every time a policeman hits them, for each klop on the head, or is it $100 overall for being hit but not for each punch or slap?

I wonder how much money they were able to raise for this incentive program - they could not even afford to print a real sign but printed it on a home printer using A4 paper....

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  1. You forgot to translate the heading: "Happy News!"

    As for their printing the signs so cheaply, maybe it's because, great tzaddikim that they certainly must be, they wanted all the heilige gelt to go to tachlis, not to overhead?

  2. how much do they get for manslaughter gd forbid

    1. do you manslaughter - them killing someone else or manslaughter them getting killed?

  3. Rather similar to support for abortion

  4. Last I checked, the currency in Israel wasn't dollars.

  5. Well, the whole Lag B'Omer is based on a typo of "שמתה" for "שמחתה".


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