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May 15, 2022

Ukraine wins, but not the war

I understand Ukraine won this year's Eurovision contest yesterday. With Israel having not made it to the final rounds, I didn't pay attention at all, but saw a headline in passing.

It has always been said, at least since I have ever heard about Eurovision (never before I came to Israel), that Eurovision is always political. It might be a song/singing/music/weird costume  contest but the voting is always political.

With Ukraine having won, it seems in 20/20 hindsight (or even maybe in foresight among people who think about Eurovision more than I) that no other country ever had a chance, because of the war, so I feel even less bad for the Israeli contestant who failed because he never actually had a chance.

Ukraine has already beaten Russia on one battlefield. Let's see what happens on the other.

the big question is how Ukraine plans on hosting next year. Even if the war finishes before then, and even if the country Ukraine remains after the war, how will they rebuild fast enough to host the competition?

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