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May 12, 2022

getting the Nazi kink on

This is just insanely crazy.

The TOI via JTA reported on a Mexican couple that got married last week with a Nazi themed wedding. Obviously Fernando and Josefina adore Adolph Hitler, may his name and memory rot in eternal damnation. 

This is actually their second wedding. The first was a civil marriage several years ago, and this wedding was a religious ceremony (which religion? Probably Catholic). They have a couple of kids already, each named for a prominent Nazi from Hitler's confidants. Both weddings, the original and the recent, took place on the anniversary of the wedding of Hitler and Eva Braun.

From TOI:
In photos from the nuptials, the groom is dressed as a Nazi SS officer and the bride is seen sitting on top of a Volkswagen Beetle that has been painted in a camouflage pattern, draped in a Nazi flag, and given a fake license plate with SS bolts.
Fernando, whom Mexican media said is a public official, said the couple chose the Nazi theme because they venerate Hitler
The best part, or weirdest part, is perhaps what the groom said...

“I understand that for many people, Hitler represents genocide, racism and violence. People, on the other hand, make judgments without having all of the facts, Hitler was a vegetarian who rescued his country from famine and returned to his people the lands lost during World War I. His friends and family adored him."

judgments without all the facts? No, I am pretty sure we know pretty much all the facts in regards to Hitler and what he liked and did not like.

to some Hitler represents genocide and racism but he was really a vegetarian who saved Germany from famine.... yes, his vegetarianism far outweighs his racism and genocidal plans that he acted upon very efficiently.

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1 comment:

  1. The Amaleikite souls (do they have any?) is coming out from all corners of the earth to the open where they feel confident enough to spew their hatred; this is the separating of the evil from good and at the end it will be clear who was/is who.


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