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May 5, 2022

Home Medley - Ariella Zeitlin x One Israel Fund (video)

We all have an undeniable connection to the Land of Israel. It’s a land full of beauty, vibrancy and holiness. And it’s ours. Ours to protect and ours to build. It’s up to each of us to ensure that it remains in our hands as part of our Biblical birthright. Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to tour many of the sites in the areas known as our Biblical Heartland from the venerable resting place of our forefathers in Hebron to a bustling new and dynamic mall in the heart of Ma’aleh Adumim. I got to enjoy playing with children on playgrounds in Nokdim and Mitzpeh Yericho and to look out over the expansive Jordan Valley/Dead Sea from the Arugot Farm. I even got to stand atop a new medical center being built in the northern suburbs of Jerusalem. All while doing what I love most – creating incredible music for an incredible organization – One Israel Fund. I hope, as we all celebrate Israel’s 74th Birthday, that you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed creating this musical tribute to the Heartland of Israel.

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