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May 18, 2022

Kahane in Meron

Matan Kahane (I am not sure what his title is right now - MK? Minister? Deputy Minister?), responsible for overseeing the Meron festivities, just issued a statement in meron, sitting with the police, talking about their responsibilities in preventing people from ruining the festivities while ensuring the safety of the celebrants....

the thing is, I thought they banned food and drink from being served up there... :-)

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  1. I consider him probably the best we have to make Israel better.

  2. I surely disagree!

  3. only one to stand up a proud jew Gafni is not my rabbi

  4. At least post your name if you hold so highly of Kahane
    We should be made aware of where the backstabbing nuts are

  5. the only backstabbing jew would be people like you who think moshe gafni aryeh deri look out for you or the nuts in the RZ party who have let the rabbinete be a place where no knitted kippah who get a job or a town rabbi

  6. the charedi parties think you are off the derech. think mercaz harav is treif

  7. best religious affairs minster ever...
    of course you want a shas or degel person. enough said.

  8. your brainwash comments are a red herring
    Some people are capable of seeing the big picture, while others..
    No one wants
    Shas or for that matter most of the other haredi politicians for religious affairs minister because of the to nepotism and corruption
    They however are not looking to make a revolution that would be detrimental for generations for the sake of a self-serving nefarious minority . Oh, with amazing disguised altruism

  9. there are poskim that back up everything he does. Just not yours.

    1. Is that so? First define the term

  10. nefarious minorty

  11. there are conversion courts controlled by these chief Rabbis that will not convert if the person is wearing a knitter kippah. which party calls woman converts in the army shiksas. Is ROY ztl not good enough for u.
    The best RAM ever! he does not bow to the charedi corruption

  12. below is from 8 and a half years ago but for many of you, you want more

    This from someone living in Russia:(11/3/13)

    How many of those 50,000 observe Torah and mitzvos? Those I know who took the tests and passed do not keep anything. It was just “wish me luck on the test!” and then nothing. Being m’ga’er the Russian immigrants just makes a Fifth Column within Judaism

  13. again army conversions are good
    you can continue to support a party that calls these converts goyim.. The RAM minster has the backing of many RZ rabbis is v Rem Hacohen Rav Nachum
    Rabinvich ZTL we don't care about Utj shas boot lickers. do u remember the last criminal charedi chief rabbi'metzger.

  14. y cohen u don't decide who is a posek charedi poskim are not for the entire am yisroel. Rszaztl ROY ztl are dead.


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