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May 8, 2022

dogs like Saddam Hussein

This terrorist situation is crazy and insane. Similar to Saddam Hussein, security forces found these two brutal murderers laying like dogs in a field or forest with no food or water.

There are calls all over saying that the soldiers who caught them should have shot and killed them, as now they will go to prison and get first class prison treatment, with free access to a university degree and "hotel-like" accommodations, in addition to the families drawing salaries form the Palestinian Authority. I personally would add to the outrage that they will also get life sentences to prison but will likely get released after a few years n a prisoner swap arrangement or as a goodwill gesture.

While the outrage is real and righteous, we cannot lower ourselves to their level. Unless the dogs were threatening the security forces, which from the videos they clearly were not, we cannot have soldiers in the field playing judge and jury. I get the outrage and I share in it, and I wont judge anyone for stating their opinion at this time while still in shock and anger. But that is not how society works. I would totally support some sort of death penalty for these types of terrorists and let them go through the process to the point of execution, but we cannot be calling for policemen or soldiers to just decide for themselves who should be killed and who should not be.

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