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May 8, 2022

open racism in RBS D

This ad was run in local Bet Shemesh periodicals..

While it is written in a mix of Yiddish and Hebrew (mostly Yiddish), I was able to get the gist of it, and then got some assistance form Google translate to lock it down further. And some local news media translated it broadly as well

This racist and hypocritical ad really did not need to be mentioned or commented on. It is not the work of any official organization nor city or state policy - just some guy, or some group of guys, who are racists and hypocrites. the world is full of them and I dont need to comment, and I usually dont, on each person's personal ideas. This though is somewhat entertaining, somewhat sad, and interesting that they felt strongly enough about it that they paid money to take out a full page advertisement to promote the idea.

The text is regarding the holy shtetl of Rama Daled, aka RBS D, which has a significant community of Chassidim. Basically the author thinks it is so lovely that the community of RBS D is a holy shtetl with more and more chassidic institutions opening and more and more chassidishe families moving in. he is worried about the future and what might happen to the atmosphere if other types of people are allowed to move in. He calls upon the landlords and homeowners to not rent or sell apartments to other people who are not chassidishe. RBS D, he says, should be a continuation of RBS B and the Kirya Hachareidit. 

It is rare to see such open and blatant racism nowadays. At least most people try to couch it in vagueness and misdirections....

Ahhh.... and if people from Bet Shemesh were saying only sell or rent to people like us so the atmosphere of the city doesnt change, that would go over really well. Oh wait, that happened. And it didnt go over well at all. Some people still think they have the right to decide who can live near them and who cannot while nobody else has that same right. And the truth is nobody has that right - at least not in an open city. You want to live in a shtetl, go live in a gated community that runs an acceptance committee....

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1 comment:

  1. The is most certainly not racist. It is discriminatory, but not on the basis of race.


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